Earth block masonry

Compressed block 140

  • Compressed stabilised earth block

A Compressed earth block is a humid earth mixture made up of clay, loam, cement, sand and aggregate.  The blocks are compressed through mechanical force, hydraulic force or vibrocompacting force exerted by specific machinery. The blocks are subsequently cured and air dried at ambient temperatures.

The Léém Compressed block range uses 3,85% (wt.) of cement as a stabiliser, and is more water-resistant, acoustic, fire-resistant and stronger. The aesthetics is more industrial through its aspect and colour.

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The rules of craftsmanship are carefully followed when mortaring the earth blocks. Please check Earth block guide by Léém for conception and execution guidelines. Mix minimum 6 pallets when masoning, prewet blocks before laying, use a rubber hammer to put in place, protect fresh masonry walls from rain.

Rhine sand
Crushed washed concrete 0/4
Loess loam red

128 blocks/pallet

  • ±80% secondary resources
    100% closed loop recycling
    100% reusable