We transform excavated earth - officially a 'waste' - into circular building materials, without having to burn them

What do we do?

The building sector is a very important, but unfortunately also one of the most polluting sectors in the world: responsible for up to 40% of C02 emissions, air pollution & use of virgin resources and up to 50% of waste flows.

It's our ambition to stop this destructive cycle, to push the construction sector to tap into existing & available material flows (such as excavated earth), to create decarbonized building products (like earth plasters, compressed earth blocks and rammed earth), and to create a healthier & circular building environment, creating added value for people & planet. 

Why build with unfired earth?

CARBON NEUTRAL: Earth is a local resource that does not need fossil fuel based or energy intensive processes to be transformed into building materials.

CIRCULAR: Earth building materials can be reused infinitely. It does not change chemically while being processed, and at the end of the life cycle, it's no-waste, biodegradable or reusable. On top of that they can be sourced from local excavations at construction sites (and not out of quarries), in order to limit the depletion of virgin resources.

INNOVATIVE: We’re prepping earth construction for the future! Within BC materials we've gathered exceptional knowledge on mixing, blending and transforming different kinds of earths, valorizing leftover streams and upscaling its production processes. It’s what makes us pioneers in Europe.

COMFORT & HEALTH: Earth based materials improve indoor air quality and offer an unparalleled climatic comfort. They reduce noise, generate cooling effects in summer &  minimize the need for ventilation by buffering humidity. Natural, non-toxic, no VOC's or toxic materials. In short, earth is a uniquely healthy building material!