We produce & sell circular building materials, based on excavated earth

What do we do?

The construction sector has a gigantic impact on the environment. In Europe, it is responsible for more than 40% of C02 emissions, air pollution, resource depletion and waste.

It's our ambition to replace standard building materials with earth building materials. We aim to push the construction sector to tap into available urban mineral waste streams (such as excavated earth), transform them into decarbonised and democratised building materials (like earth plasters, compressed earth blocks and rammed earth), and generate healthier & circular buildings to live in. In this way, the limits of our planet actually generate amazing added value for all of its inhabitants. 

Why build with unfired earth?

Carbon neutral: Earth is a local resource that does not need fossil fuels nor energy intensive processes to be transformed into building materials.

Circular: We source our non polluted, non-disturbed earths from urban construction sites, and upcycle this "waste" as earth building materials. Since in their transformation process earth building materials do not change chemically, these can be reused infinitely after their end-of-life, without quality loss nor the addition of energy. Earth is never lost, and is never waste.

Innovative: We are using the latest scientific results and standards to characterise our earth building materials. We've gathered exceptional knowledge on mixing, blending and transforming different kinds of earths, and on upscaling its production processes. It’s what makes us pioneers in Europe.

Comfortable and healthy: Earth building materials improve indoor air quality and offer an unparalleled comfort. They reduce noise, retain heat in winter, and bring cooling effects in summer, and they minimize the need for ventilation by buffering humidity. They are natural, non-toxic, and contain no VOC's. Earth is a uniquely healthy building material.