About us


BC materials is a workers' cooperative founded in October 2018 by Ken De Cooman, Nicolas Coeckelberghs, Laurens Bekemans & Wes Degreef, with the mission to spread & grow earth construction as one of the most important solutions to counter the enormous environmental impact of the construction sector. 

With a diverse team of around 10 people consisting of architects, philosophers, engineers and crafts(wo)men, we provide tailor made solutions to your projects through our 4 activities:

  • consultancy & development
  • design & prefabrication
  • ​​​​​​bespoke production
  • workshops & training

The knowledge acquired through these 4 activities allow for continuous innovation and development of our circular earth building material range called Léém. With Léém, we aim to democratise the market for circular earth building materials, and for this we are partnering with industrial actors such as Brickz for commercialisation, and Vande Moortel and Claesen Betonbedrijf for production.




Bloom Award - Best Scale Up
Belgian Construction Award - Climate Future Product
Belgian Business Award For The Environment - Silver
Henry van de Velde Golden Award - Climate Challenge
Belgian Building Awards - Pioneer Award
Laureate SenSe-fund