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Summer School Building with Earth

A week-long workshop to go into details on the potential of raw earth as a building material, particularly in the forms of rammed earth, earth bricks and clay plasters.

Monday August 26th - Friday August 30th 2024
From 9.00 am to 5.30 pm

Language: English

BC Studies & BC Materials
Havenlaan 104
TIR site
1000 Brussels

Summer School Building with Earth
Thomas Noceto

To this day, raw earth appears in only a fraction of the projects built in Europe. As such, it is rarely included in the education of students in architecture. Yet, this material is integral to our vernacular architecture – even if this has been forgotten in (too) many regions. And more importantly, it presents a deeply ecological character: locally available, unfired, recyclable and reusable – not to mention its applicability in structures and its contribution to good physical properties for the building. As such, earth represents a crucial asset in construction and architecture, as we are looking to make them sustainable.

Hence this summer school’s objective: to give the opportunity to learn to build with earth the only way it works – with your own hands. More precisely, this 1-week program aims to offer a good opportunity to dive deeper into the world of earth construction, and experience for yourself various earth techniques that are commonplace in the present-day practice.

What is earth, as a material? What are its properties? How is it rooted into our vernacular architecture? What does contemporary architecture in raw earth look like? How do you assess the potential of a local earth? How do you use earth to build in rammed earth, blocks, and to make plasters?

We will answer these questions through a combination of lectures, visits and hands-on workshops, led by experienced tutors and practitioners.

Here you can find an impression of last year's edition. 

This Summer School is organised by
-BC studies & BC materials 
-ULB, Faculty of architecture La Cambre Horta ULB
-Living lab Earth blocks


In collaboration with 
- ACRUMA (Arianna Fabrizi de’Biani)
-Atelier Kara (Timur Ersen)
-Hasselt University (Nijs de Vries)


Introduction - General introduction to earth as a building material, through lectures, workshops (extended Carazas test) and a presentation of BC Materials’ premises. Field tests of a natural earth mix to recognize its type and assess its possible uses in construction, through lecture and hands-on exercises.

Parallel training workshops - In addition to the technical training itself, each workshop day starts with a 1-hour lecture, including a Q&A session, covering the use of raw earth construction and architecture.

The rest of the day is dedicated to learning one specific earth technique:

  • rammed earth
  • blocks: adobes + compressed earth blocks + vibro-compacted earth blocks + masonry
  • earth plasters

Project visits - Visits of relevant recent projects in Brussels that include geo-based (earthen) and bio-based materials. 



Inscription deadline: July 15th 2024

Price for the one week summer school will be €665 incl. vat (student price), €850 + vat (professional price).
Brussels people receive a reduction of 30% (student €465 incl. vat, professional €595 + vat).

If you inscribe as a student please send us proof (ex. copy of present student card).
If you inscribe as a Brussels based participant (domicile in Brussels region), please send us proof (ex. residence certificate from Irisbox).
to info@bcstudies.org

This price does include lunches.
It does not include dinner and accommodation, these will need to be arranged by the participants.

Cancellation until July 15th included: 100 % refund
Cancellation from July 15th: no refund

Soon after inscription, you will receive a document with FAQ.
At the end of the summer school you will receive 
-a certificate of attendance
-an invoice

For questions: mail to info@bcstudies.org with topic: Summer School question

With the support of 
Brussels City
Ambassade de France en Belgique
Bruxelles Environnement

665,00 €
incl. VAT