• 13.09.23 16.09.23

Scharphout - Moulded Blocks Workshop

In September 2023, four days of participatory workshops took place in Lissewege, near Bruges, West Flanders, as part of the Scharphoutstraat building project led by Dertien12. The aim of the project is to create a multifunctional space, including a sports hall, library, local services and a youth room, using circular building materials. BC Materials was commissioned to investigate the possibility of reusing the excavated soil to produce raw earth blocks, some of which were designed during the participatory workshop with local communities.

Two types of earth blocks are proposed for the project. The first type is the stabilized compressed block, produced in a controlled industrial environment to ensure optimal performance. The second type is the non-stabilized moulded block, created during the participatory workshop, made from ultra-local materials taken from the construction site and moulded by hand.

This workshop, which involved various stakeholders, including schools and the general public, resulted in the production of customized moulded blocks that will be integrated into the final project. This approach provided an opportunity to create a strong link between the construction process and local residents, who were able to participate in a full-scale construction in a totally low-tech, circular and healthy way.