Sweco Entrance

As you may know, Sweco is one of the biggest international consulting firm specializing in architecture and engineering. Its Belgian head office is located in an Art Nouveau building designed by Victor Horta (Arenbergstraat), in the heart of Brussels. BC Materials was commissioned to build a rammed earth entrance counter.

The rammed earth counter, designed by Yvan Soggiu of Ysiv Architects, features a terrazzo look with a wooden base and a central wooden detail. This subtle touch seamlessly links the counter to the building's impressive display windows, which were originally the jewelry showcases designed by Horta himself.

Highlighting craftsmanship, but also symbolizing the relationship between reuse, renovation and restoration in building design.


Location Headquarters Sweco, Arenbergstreet 13, Brussels 

Building client Sweco Belgium

Architect Ysiv Architects - Yvan Soggiu

Execution BC materials with Bregt Hoppenbrouwers Camillo Coloberti , Felipe Fernandez Melano and the much appreciated contribution of Pieter Gaelens

Type of act Design & prefabrication