Rammed earth

Rammed earth cylinder sample

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Rammed earth is a mix of clay, sand and gravel that is mixed & compressed within a formwork to create surfaces, walls, floors and design pieces. Available in ready to use humid big-bags. The colour of the rammed earth depends on the clay. For walls and elemental pieces, the unique layers of earth are usually left exposed as a finish.

This sample showcases the colour and texture of a rammed earth wall or design object. 

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Maas sand
Crushed washed concrete 4/20
Loess loam yellow
Brusselian sand
Florennes red clay

The Rammed earth cylinder sample is available in two sizes; the ideal travel size 10cm x12cm sample or the larger 16cm x 32cm sample.

  • As Rammed Earth is an unfired material and only uses natural clay as a binder, it is 100% circular. After initial use, it can be crushed, wet and reused again and again.