Kastar R

  • Kastar

Kastar can be used to form walls, floor and architectural pieces. Available in ready to use humid big-bags.

For wall and elemental pieces, the beautiful layers of earth are usually left exposed as a finish.

Floor application can be compared to a polished concrete floor: exposing the aggregate aesthetics and thermic inertia are roughly the same, and offers better humidity regulation and great acoustics.



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Wall application: Kastar is being used for non bearing partition walls, the mixture is poured into a formwork by layers of 15 cm high which afterwards are rammed to a height of 9 cm.

Floor application: For non load bearing interior floors, the mixture is poured like a traditional screed which is then rammed to 10cm. Once dry, the floor is treated to protect it against abrasions and create a water resistant layer.

Brusselian sand 0/2 (Brussels)

Recycled sand 0/6 (Brussels)

Yperian clay (Brussels)

Recycled gravel 8/22 (Brussels)


Ready for application with the correct humidity in two sizes: Big bags 1000kg, Mini big bag 333kg