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  • Clay plaster

Léém Clay plaster is a universal, ready-to-use material. It only needs water to be added in an on-site mixing process to be able to use them directly. Commonly used as an undercoat, it is also suitable as a particle textured topcoat. Clay plaster is healthy for the planet, the indoor climate, and its occupants. As well as being 100% natural, Léém clay plaster is also highly performant.

Our natural brown clay plaster is the most circular in origin, since its main components comprise of Brussels sand and loam. In Léém clay plaster, no pigment, binder, or additives are added.

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A minimum layer thickness of 6mm is required following its granulometry (mostly 0-2mm, with a small amount of 2-6mm). This thickness allows an aesthetic and straight wall finishing, while improving the humidity regulation, acoustics, and air tightness.

Thicker layers of plaster (1,5cm or more) benefit more as earth’s sorption properties increase, which ultimately improve the indoor climate by regulating humidity.

The Léém clay finish or Léém clay paint can be used on top of the Léém clay plaster.

Dordogne clay
Rhine sand
Brusselian sand
Loess loam red

The Léém clay plaster is available in 3 different quantities; 25kg bag, 500kg mini bigbags & 1000kg bigbags.

  • Léém clay plaster is 100% circular, close-to-zero carbon and is amongst the most sustainable wall finishes available.
    It is recyclable, reusable, contains no toxic ingredients, no VOCs (harmful chemicals released during and after application) and is synthetic free. Made from non-polluted, undisturbed soil from urban sites.