Earth block masonry

Moulded block oker

  • Moulded earth block

The Léém Moulded block range contains no additives nor stabilisers; it exists mainly from excavated earths of construction sites. It is our most ecological and circular range of blocks, while also offering the aesthetics of craft through its texture and colour.

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The rules of craftsmanship are carefully followed when mortaring the earth blocks. Please check Earth block guide by Léém for conception and execution guidelines. Mix minimum 6 pallets when masoning, prewet blocks before laying, use a rubber hammer to put in place, protect fresh masonry walls from rain and capillary water.

The Moulded block oker is our most circular block in the range, made from mostly locally sourced, secondary resources.

Crushed baked bricks
Neuenahr clay
Loess loam red

1000 blocks/pallet

  • 85% secondary resources

    100% closed loop recycling

    100% reusable