Brickette 20x30x9

  • Brickette

Compressed Earth Blocks (CEB) are used for walls in masonry. Brickettes can be used in their raw form or finished with plaster. 

The Brickette's properties out-preform fired-baked bricks or concrete blocks. The properties include thermal inertia, humidity regulation and acoustic qualities. Improving the quality of the space and at the same time creating a more healthy living environment.

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Used for non bearing interior walls, the Brickette can be left exposed or finished to with a plaster. For use in load bearing walls, an additional study, Le Specialeke, has to be executed.

Brussels sand 0/2 (Brussels)

Loam (Brussels)

Yperian clay (Brussels and Wallonia)

Delivered by a pallet with 100 units.


  • 200 x 300 x 90mm

    Brickettes are available as stabilised (with lime) or unstabilised.

    Sold in quantities of 100 Brickettes/palette.