In this project the architects focused on reducing their impact through densification, the circular economy and materiality. By renovating and converting an industrial building into a home and adding a roof extension, the architects focus on working with the existing. They show that building with natural materials such as straw, earth and wood has a place not only in the countryside but also in an urban setting. 

Natural materials such as straw bales are used for insulation, Brusseleir W clay plaster for many wall surfaces and Kastar W rammed earth for the central kitchen island bench. BC materials in collaboration with Het Leemniscaat and the client organised a training for contractors to learn how to apply earth plasters. Through an internal workshop the BC materials team rammed 3 objects made of our rammed earth mix to compose the kitchen island. 

By using bio-based materials instead of conventional construction materials where possible, the building has a very low ecological impact and provides a healthy and pleasant living environment. Second-hand recycled products add character and prevent additional emissions from new materials. 


Hé Architectuur
Het Leemniscaat