The Exploded View

The Exploded View is an iconic building that incorporates dozens of new, innovative, biobased and low carbon building materials. Effectively showcasing what is possible with the materials that already exist today and are much better in impact in comparison to traditional building materials. 

For the Dutch Design Week, company New Heroes asked BC materials to create algae plastered panels (a special finish we created for the Luma project) & produce rammed earth for a wall at the entrance, that was made and delivered by Het Leemniscaat. 

The Exploded View is a traveling house that was showcased at Dutch Design Week and Floriade (Almere, NL) which drew in hundreds of thousands visitors. In spring 2023 the house will be rebuilt and on show at Kamp C (Westerlo - BE).

BD EindhovenNederland
Company New Heroes
The Exploded View stands for a radical new look at the realization of a home: pulling apart and dissecting the endless number of applications found in a house, in order to rebuild them using circular methods and biobased materials.
Company New Heroes & Pascal Leboucq
Het Leemniscaat & BC materials
Type of act
Design & prefabrication