Fort V

Production of 19.000 compressed earth blocks were built over a three week workshop, and 312 m2 of hempcrete was installed during a two week workshop: together, more than 150 volunteers worked on with this project, enabling a huge transfer of knowledge from this hands-on approach. The compressed earth blocks were used for loadbearing walls and arcs, and have a compressive strength of 4,2 MPa.

The project was the winning proposal of a competition in which BC architects formed a design and build approach. The brief for the regional house of the Edeghem commune was to build a warehouse for children to learn about nature and ecology. The regional house itself reflects this educative and ecological approach through a radically sustainable and participatory architecture.

Structurally arched walls, inspired by the arch masonry of the fort, are made of compressed earth blocks from local clays. An insulation façade and roof of hempcrete is left exposed as finishings and makes this building CO2-negative. Only two construction techniques make the superstructure of this building honest, minimalistic and educational.


Municipality of Edegem
BC architects & studies + EVR
UTIL structuurstudies
Het Leemniscaat
Compressed earth Bricks