• 05.08.19 09.09.19

Focus - Advanced Rammed Earth

As a prelude to the exhibition 'Case Design. The Craft of Collaboration'  the Flemish Architecture Institute organized a rammed earth workshop in the summer of 2019 together with Case Design (IN), Atelier Timur Ersen and BC. 

The aim of the first workshop, the advanced rammed earth workshop was to design and prototype a formwork and rammed earth modular building block that could be used by Case Design in the construction of the peace pavilion in India and that could function as furniture (stool, table,...) on itself or in combination with multiple/other prototyped blocks.

In the second stage participants produced final high quality prototypes developed from workshop one. The results were shown at the exhibition 'Case Design. The Craft of Collaboration' at the Flanders Architecture Institute, at the Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019 and sent digitally to India in order for the formwork to be copied and used for the production of all building blocks of the peace pavilion.