• 22.01.24

Focus - Clay Plaster

This focus workshop aimed to initiate the application of Léém Clay Plaster.

Preferably, you were a professional artisan, contractor,.. that had already some knowledge on plaster or finishings, and you wanted to start applying Clay Plaster & Finish.

The workshop was divided into two parts:
-an introduction outlined the approach of BC Materials, and the available local, circular clay plasters and paints
-application in a real case construction site, covering different situations

Léém Clay Plaster is a universal, ready-to-use material. It only needs water to be added in an on-site mixing process to be able to use them directly. Commonly used as an undercoat, it is also suitable as a particle textured topcoat. Clay plaster is healthy for the planet, the indoor climate, and its occupants. As well as being 100% natural, Léém clay plaster is also highly performant. 

To successfully apply Léém Clay Plaster and achieve optimal results, the required skills and tools closely resemble those necessary for working with other types of plaster or paint systems. If a craftsman is already familiar with applying gypsum or lime plaster, they possess a foundation of techniques that are highly applicable to working with Léém Clay Plaster & Finish.

A guidebook on the use of the Léém Clay plasters is available on the website of BCmaterials. Here you can find the properties, design guidelines and implementation guidelines in a theoretical way.

This workshop aimed to practically show you these steps in a practical, hands-on way.