• 03.07.23 07.07.23

Summer School "Building with Earth"

Together with the Faculty Architecture ULB we organised the 'Building with Earth' summer school exploring 3 different earth techniques, taught by a group of experts in Brussels.

The summer school provided a unique opportunity to experiment with different earth techniques, learning from professionals in the field; rammed earth, earth blocks: (compressed earth blocks, vibro-compacted earth blocks, masonry) and earth plasters. This way we could offer a summer school of a full week exploring the vast range of techniques and possibilities with earth. We started the week with a hands-on introduction to earth and site visits to local (BE) earthen buildings. On top of that, each day started with a 1-hour lecture (plus Q&A) with renowned experts, covering the use of raw earth construction and architecture. BC shared its knowledge on the production and masoning of earth bricks. Invited expert tutors were Arnaud Evrard, Belgian civil engineer and architect who worked at Martin Rauch for 6 years and Arianna Fabrizi, a Belgian/Italian artisan in earth plasters.