• 13.05.24

Earth Discovery Day

A workshop day to discover the potential of raw earth as a building material. Including rammed earth, compressed earth bricks and clay plaster.

From 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

Language: adapted to preference participants English/French/Dutch

With the earth discovery workshop we want to share our knowledge on earth materials.
We want you to learn by doing. A series of hands-on manipulations will allow you to understand different earth construction techniques, and understand the importance of the density and humidity in earth. 

We offer you an insight in the approach of BC materials on how to use excavated earth, and have a look at the finished material options. Through a lecture, we let you briefly travel through some examples of earth architecture.

Finally, it's your turn to create some samples of clay plaster and rammed earth. 

This workshop is part of the initiative “Stadsatelier de Ville”, a hybrid meeting spot where students, contractors, architects and governance actors learn to build a circular future together.
It is a venue where workshops, prototyping, lectures and research on earth construction and circular building takes place.

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